Impromptu picnic w/ the missus????.

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Nowadays, I’m always ready to take a drive somewhere, whether to cook or eat, and I wasn't always like this. Maybe it took having to be locked down for a while for me to realize ???? Now that we’re slowly able to drive around again...and I get that chance, I immediately go and explore more of the outdoors. I would cook for a friend nearby or try some new cuisine somewhere. And with the ever-reliable Ford Ranger pick-up, I know I'll get there with all my gear in one piece. It's the right vehicle for every job - work, play, or family bonding. I even used the Ranger’s truckbed to have a beautiful picnic setup with my wife Camille. It was such a great day to share the experience not only with Camille but also with friends (and Kuya Taho and Kuya Ice Cream) in Antipolo which is now one of my go-to destinations if I want to escape the city. Looking forward to better days ahead so we can spend our free days with friends and family once again.

Check out this video to see how my last weekend went. #BuiltFordTough #OutdoorAdventure #Escape #FordRanger
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