2002 Opel Omega B 2.2 DTi 120HP Caravan | POV Test Drive | 0-100 | Review

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A nice example of 2002 Opel Omega 2nd generation after facelifting it's here 2day on our channel
Engine Power: 120HP
Engine Size (cc): 2178 Petrol
No of cylinders: 4
Weight: 1730kg
Torque: 280Nm
Gearbox/ Transmission: 5g manual/ rwd
Acceleration: 0-100km/h in 14.90 sec
Fuel Consumption: 7.9L/ 100km (in test) real measured by #GearUp
Top Speed: 195km/h (manufacturer spec)
Colour: Blue

0:00 Episode trailer
0:18 Channel intro
0:22 Walkaround, car specs, test results, interior, price
2:44 Car start up
3:31 Car interior illumination
4:10 Urban test drive
8:25 Acceleration test & Performance report
9:08 Motorway test drive

Go pro 9 camera
4K quality
POV test
Slippy roads test
Driving experience
Urban test drive
Motorway test drive
Acceleration test
Price range
Interior and exterior presentation
Interior illumination
Drago acceleration tester
Car description
Every single video has been done by #gear up crew recording in 4K with camera go pro 9 black 60m/s as a so called first person perspective (POV) without narration so far.
I'm trying to focus your attention simply on a car without being disrupted by anything else around.
Just that's how I like it, hoping that you enjoy too.
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